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Real Estate Investors

The primary focus of Azling & Associates is working with real estate investors.

Individuals, partnerships, corporations or complex ownership structure.

Our real estate clients include, commercial and residential building owners, property managers and construction companies. We have served entities with complex ownership structures that utilize general partnerships, joint ventures, trusts and corporations

We provide accounting, financial reporting and tax services.

Our accounting and financial reporting services include:

Preparation of financial statements

Investor reporting

Budgets, and projections

Profitability analysis

Preparing schedules for external auditors

Reports for lenders

Evaluation of financial reporting

Evaluation of internal controls

Our tax services include:

Planning to minimize tax liabilities

Tax return preparation for ownership entity

Tax return preparation for individuals

Client representation before tax authorities

We are experienced at preparing returns for individuals, partnerships, LLC’s and corporations (both C and S). 

Additional tax services include tax basis calculations and strategic planning of partnership distributions to minimize capital gain recognition.

We understand the importance of tracking both inside and outside basis and the accuracy of partner capital accounts. 

Proper planning is required for distributions between entities to minimize capital gains at the partner level.

We also have excellent experience with the accounting and tax preparation of deferred tax exchanges, working with companies providing cost segregation studies to maximize depreciation opportunities and percentage of completion accounting.

Hiring our firm will give you confidence in the financial reports for your company, effective planning to minimize tax liability and tax returns that are professionally prepared by an experienced CPA in real estate.

To talk with one of our real estate tax specialists, call our office at (714) 998-9244 or make an appointment here:

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